Robotics with Laser Optics

Are they really going to take over the world? Probably not anytime soon.

But for now we’d like to spread the gospel of robotics with laser optics.

It is our focus to bring back competitive forms of manufacturing within the United States.

We Know Robotics

  • 20+ Years w/ 4-8 Axis Robots
  • Installation & Integration
  • Demonstations & Testing Available

We Know Lasers

  • 30 Years Experience With Lasers
  • Co2, Pulsed, Excimer, Dye, ND-Yag, Fiber, UV, Mopa
  • Flying Optics, Mixed Gantry, Galvo

I am always able to keep a laser focus on one thing at a time without getting distracted. It helps that I try to break everything I do into small, achievable tasks. – Luis von Ahn